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We are a Nordic combat medical team that works at the frontline of Ukraine treating injured and evacuating them to the hospital. Our team does not get government support and we work only with donations. Support us to help more.

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What do we do?

Medical care

Our team consists of Nordic paramedics, nurses, drivers and combat medics giving first aid or prolonged medical care to civilians and soldiers transferring them for higher medical care at the hospitals far away from the front.


Our team evacuates people from hot areas at the frontline of East-Ukraine to more stable areas. We work in a Nordic way by planning carefully routes, taking time to understand the overall situation and co-opeating with battalions and organizations.

Nordic combat medics in Ukraine.


Our team gives your help Directly into individuals hands who need the most help living in East-Ukraine where suffering and war is the greatest. We risk our lives because we follow our heart for the good of humanity.

Follow us and share our Instagram to support us.

Slava Ukraini, Heroim Slava

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